We are lost, and the night is cold.

These are the voices of those who remember the way back home.

At this pivotal point in the survival of our species, Our Ancient Nature is a full length documentary film that invites timeless sacred wisdom into the most urgent challenges facing our society today.

The powerful stories it shares create a bridge from the confusion of our modern world to the grounded clarity that comes from living in harmony with the Earth and its inhabitants.

This film reminds us that we are meant to be a beneficial presence on this planet; that we are living extensions of Mother Earth and are guardians of all life here.

This is the return to our ancient nature.

With this film, our intention is to amplify the voices of those who hold precious information about living in alignment with nature and to share practical ways the audience can integrate that wisdom into their lives.

This film will share the vision of a future that is regenerative, caring, and abundant for all.

We have pledged to minimize our environmental impact during the production of this film through sustainable practices and carbon offsetting.

June-December 2020

January-May 2021

June 2021-March 2022

April-August 2022

September 2022

Kari McKim

Kari has produced and directed transformational films, viral content, and live events that have impacted people around the globe. From producing a 3,000 person seminar at Dolby Theatre to directing the full-length documentary, The Illusion of Money, Kari brings her thoughtful and caring touch to every project she is a part of. Her only weakness is her constant preoccupation with spotting wild bunnies—although, some might call that her greatest strength.

Dan McKim

Dan is a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, as well as producer and cinematographer of the full-length documentary film, The Illusion of Money. His transformational productions have received tens of millions of views online. His passion for backpacking and mountaineering has given him a deep respect for the planet—and his advanced skills with duct tape have set him up perfectly for his secondary role as RV repairman for this production.

Kara Hamilton

Kara brings her fierce love for ceremony, humanity, and Mama Earth to this film. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she has produced live events, short films, and a full length documentary that have been experienced by millions. She is also a highly accomplished amateur crochet enthusiast, although she scoffs at the word amateur.

JC Diaz 

For JC, filmmaking is passion, love, magic, healing and self discovery, all in one beautiful blend. He sees being involved in the telling of the story of Our Ancient Nature as a tremendous opportunity to experience exactly that—maybe even more. His work has been seen in the documentary film The Journey Within and original TV series Or Die Trying. He also has a special talent for creating legendary Spotify playlists that perfectly accentuate any moment—which is why he was the honorary DJ at Dan & Kari’s wedding.